Irie Maffia – Pretty Little Thing Lyrics

Irie Maffia – Pretty Little Thing Lyrics
the way how mi feel bout you is a little bit different, you gimme upliftment

you are me pretty little thing and i will give you everything
pretty little thing and i will give you everything that you want baby
that you want baby.
the way that you kiss me, the way that you hold me. so nice.
i’m addicted to your smile the taste of your lips on my mind.
you are my sugar, my pepper, my salt, the spice of my life.
darkness and danger go scatter coz you are my light.

i’ve waited long for somebody i can call my own
and ever since i saw your face i know that you’re the one.
i feel a tingle in my veins when you touch my arm
and i wanna get down with you darling from the night until the early morn.
i’m open, hoping youre not joking when you say what you do.
floating like feathers on the wind everytime i look at you.
oh my baby you know that i got your back.
inside these turbulent waves, no one go fit to attack we. you and me.

right now pretty girl come and hear yur man
yuh fi know mi nah go flirt nah with no one
everybody wanna part we but dem cyaan
if yuh wanna stay with me there is nah return
whenever we go to a party
dem a whisper with jealous eyes on we
oo we ah feel? none ah dem cyaan see
ease up mi girl mi ah go mek repartee
yuh girl already win my affection
wha mi feel ah no love is an addiction
yur body hotter than a big bottle of white rum
girl belive mi yur shape ah di tuffest one
yuh ah mi sunlight inna di darkness
love oo yuh walk inna yur nice dress
mi nah waan nah other girls address
mi nah an actor yuh na actress

Irie Maffia – Pretty Little Thing Lyrics
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