American Dad – Daddys Gone Lyrics

American Dad – Daddys Gone Lyrics
(Roger) When are we going home big bro?
(Steve)Been 3 hours since I saw you walk away from me,
I didnt know the way and I didnt have the words to speak
But all I knew was Daddys gone, and we’re not going home, ever again.
We’re never gonna find another father like you
(Roger) No we wont x3
(Steve) Oh Daddy, we’re crying
(Roger) This is because of you
(Steve) I see you in my dreams at night
(Duo area)
(Roger) Whatever did I do something just aint right
(Steve) Every day I wonder your still on my mind,
(Roger) It wasn’t cause of me I think its cause of you
(Stan Im trying to call out to youuuu,…. DADDY!!!!
(Steve) daddys gone, and we’re..not going home ever again!!!

American Dad – Daddys Gone Lyrics
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